State House Watch 02/06/2017

Arnie Alpert and Maggie Fogarty of the American Friends Service Committee welcome Wanda Duryea and Beatrice Coulter to discuss mental health civil commitment.


Edelbut hearing; Immigration; Right-to-Work-for-Less, HB520, legislature includes retired union members; Governor’s State Budget presentation Thursday; Death penalty bill hearing; “City of Immigrants”, Steve Earle;>Sanctuary Everywhere; Intro guests; Public safety vs. mental health advocacy; HB602; Secure psychiatric unit – non accredited; Dept. of Corrections and HHS; What does NH Hospital need to serve all patients?; HB596 review of involuntary commitment; “I Shall be Released”, Nina Simone; HB192 DoC exempt from administrative rules procedures; Facebook Advocates for Ethical Mental Health Treatment; Wanda 603-859-0199;