State House Watch 01/23/2017

Arnie Alpert and Maggie Fogarty with guest Representative Mark MacKenzie.

Concealed Carry. Silent Vigil. Saturday Rally. [Bruce Springsteen in Perth.] TPP. Nafta. (Investor/State dispute resolution). Find your legislators: – NH Voices of Faith. [Woody Guthrie – All You Fascists Bound to Lose] Mark MacKenzie: What are the demands of running for office after being a long-time labor lobbyist? Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services Committee. 20 to 30 bills to study. HB442 Ban the Box. HB115 Minimun Wage (Wednesday Hearing). Tipped wages, training wages, worker skills, behaviors, qualifications. Right-to-work-for-less; Agency Fees or Fair Share Agreements. HB438 anti-union dues. [Mavis Staples, We Shall not be Moved] State Retirement System. Local unfunded liabilities. Paul Henle Tax Shift Plan, House Ways and Means. Cost of Child Care, Elderly Care, effect on workforce. Privatization buried in bill language instead of standing alone. Unemployment Compensation wait week. (Next Week, Standing with Standing Rock).