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Today on The Attitude

Part One: The Voice of Texas - Scott Braddock, on: sanctuary cities, the bathroom bill, gerrymandering, Voter ID, court decisions, and more!
Part Two: Alex Molnar on his article, "Dismantling Public Education: Turning Ideology into Gold." Alex is the Director of the Commercialism in Education Research Unit and Research Professor at the University of Colorado.
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Today on The Attitude

Winter storm Stelllaaaaa is kicking NH hard, so we're taking a snow day. We're rebroadcasting two of our recent favorite interviews.

Part One: Heather Vogell, of ProPublica, on how charter schools in Florida may be hiding the actual dropout rate.

Part Two: Sarah Mattson Dustin, staff attorney at NH Legal Assistance gives us a primer on food stamps, and then fills us in on the NH state senate bill that will cost NH taxpayers more to kick struggling working families off food stamps.

*Note: The NH Senate is scheduled to vote Thursday on SB 7, the odious food stamp bill.
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