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Dedicated to Trump and the NH GOP!

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Today on The Attitude

Part One: The Voice of Texas, Scott Braddock is moving to Friday while the legislature is in session. Topics include civil asset forfeiture, Trump Hotel Austin? Abortion, indicted AG Ken Paxton.

Part Two: Former NH GOP Chair Fergus Cullen on his offer to give $1000 to anyone who can prove a bus came from MA to vote in the NH election.

Part Three: Ari Berman of The Nation on his recent piece: The Trump Administrations Lies About Voter Fraud will Lead to Massive Voter Suppression.
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Today on The Attitude

Part One:
Jeff Feingold Editor of the NH Business Review
Professor Dave Andersen Iowa State

voter fraud
Sanctuary Cities
Can we talk about that awesome health care plan? What plan? Hey I saw the ad.
Canada...building a wall there too sorta
Trudeau says Canada, EU must lead world economy
Broken California Dam Is a Sign of Emergencies to Come
Oroville Dam’s flood-control manual hasn’t been updated for half a century

Part Two:
All things Iowa and the world with Dr. Politics Steffen Schmidt


Iowa and Right to work, NH and Right to Work
In California Farm Country, Trump’s Deportation Threat Looms Large -
Trump Aides Spoke to Russian Intelligence ...is this bigger than Watergate?
Welcome to the new dark ages, where only the wealthy can retire Guardian
The call for citizens to ‘go local
Andrew Puzder, Trump's labor secretary pick, withdraws from consideration - thanks Oprah
Flynn is gone Ahhh he lied no Trump says its the leaks and fake media
Spies keep intelligence from the Donald..concern of leaks
Bibi and Donnie...2 state solution maybe yes maybe no
Mattis gives NATO spending ultimatum
the wall and the catapult and pot
good leaks bad leaks I get to decide
denying legal immigrants public benefits
Utilities vote to close largest coal plant in Western US
EJ Dionne writes in Wash Post: Admit it: Trump is unfit to serve
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