As a 501c3 nonprofit community radio station,
WNHN depends on your donations to help pay its bills.If you’ve donated in the last 12 months, THANK YOU!
If you are a listener and haven’t donated, please consider donating $50.00 or more,
or perhaps a sustaining donation of $10.00 per month.
Your donations sustain our operations, our rent, our electricity,
our internet, and other overhead costs.

Make a single donation online via JustGive.org.[WD_Button id=4852]

JustGive.org securely processes your credit card and sends us the proceeds.

JustGive also bills monthly. Select your amount and become a sustaining member!

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Donate by Check

We’re always happy to receive a donation by check.
Checks can be made out to “WNHN” and sent to:
48 Airport Rd, Suite 2
Concord, NH 03301
Your check will be acknowledged by postal mail for your tax records. Thank you!