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State House Watch June 26, 2017

Arnie Alpert and Maggie Fogarty of  The American Friends Service Committee – New Hampshire, along with Rep. Steve Shurtleff, and Rich Gulla of the State Employees Association, reflect upon the now concluded 2017 session of the State Legislature.

Highs and lows; SCOTUS, firearms; Voices of Faith; Activism; Committee work continues in August on retained bills; HB575; – “Eyes on the Prize” – Mavis Staples – ; Shurtleff and Gulla; Right to Work defeat, right to work in Iowa, other labor restrictions retained; Partisanship; Tax cuts downshifting; Medicaid waiver issue; State retiree health benefit changes; Staff shortages, recruitment and retention; DD wait-list; Keno-garden; – “We Shall Not Be Moved” – Mavis Staples – ; State budget, city budget, John Winant memorial; State employees contract “impasse” issue, evergreen, jobs and services; announcements.

This concludes the 2017 regular season of State House Watch. Thanks for listening.

State House Watch June 19, 2017 (the TJ Wheeler special)

Arnie Alpert and Susan Bruce of the American Friends Service Committee-New Hampshire and WNHN catch up on the latest State House news on what may be the next to last show of the season, depending upon how the voting goes on Thursday. They are also joined by musical blues guest T.J. Wheeler for music and discussion of the role of the blues in politics and issues of our time.

Budget prospects; CoC’s; HB191 kenogarden; HB463 air and water killed in committee; SB66 fetal personhood language correction; State House demonstrations of the week; SB110 painted turtle; blackberry; T.J. Wheeler, -Everybody is Somebody- , -Slippery Slope- , -Get Back- , -How We Arrived- , -King Trump- , -Diddley Bow- , -Goin Down the Road- .


State House Watch June 12, 2017

Arnie Alpert and Maggie Fogarty of the American Friends Service Committee-New Hampshire invite first term representatives Sherry Frost and Isaac Epstein to shed light on what it’s like in The Legislature for freshman representatives.  Arnie talks with Tim McKernan about the NH Progressive Summit.

Committees of Conference; Keno-garten; Sununu Center; Budget approval process; Medicaid; Capital budget, affordable housing; SB2 business taxes, Kansas; – “Political Science” – Randy Newman -; Introduce Representatives Frost and Epstein, atmosphere for progressives, divided Republicans, partisanship, committee atmosphere, agriculture, election law; Tim McKernan, NH Progressive Summit (; More CoC, budget, campaign and election law, SB197; Business taxes and employment, CoC’s work in fine detail, “Budgets are moral documents.”; Retrospective, various topics through the legislative year, right to work, gender, anti-voter, cannabis, concealed carry, Frost controversy, strategy going forward, HB499 child marriage, roll call votes, “The Pissed Off Woman’s Brigade”; Predictions for budget.

State House Watch June 5, 2017

Arnie Alpert and Maggie Fogarty of the American Friends Service Committee-New Hampshire are back in the studio with State House Watch, with Rep. Dick Ames as their in-studio guest, and featuring a recorded interview with the ACLU-NH’s Devon Chaffee.

State Legislature beginning to wrap up heading for June 22 final votes; retained and re-referred bills; SB3; marijuana; capital budget, affordable housing trust fund; “Where the Guns Are”; immigrants and ICE, vigil and petition (;  – “There is a Wall” – Charlie King -;Jericho wall; Rep. Dick Ames, deputy ranking member, Ways and Means,  “Remember the Ladies”, mental health, children and youth, committee of conference, history of house budget, how Senate worked on budget, revenue estimates and guesstimates, voodoo economics, fair and adequate revenue; – “All You Fascists Bound to Lose” – Billy Bragg and Wilco -; Devon Chaffee interview, SB3 elections, SB66 fetal personhood, HB640 marijuana, debtor prison; announcements.

State House Watch May 29, 2017

Arnie Alpert of the NH American Friends Service Committee prepared a special pre recorded Memorial Day edition of State House Watch so that he and Maggie could take the Memorial Day holiday  off.

– “Reuben James” – Woody Guthrie – ; Phil Sletton, NH Fiscal Policy Institute, revenue estimates, Senate Finance changes, federal role, committee of conference, business tax cuts, recovery, disaggregate, Economic Policy Institute, Laffer curve, “Revenue in Review”, “stable, adequate, sustainable”; Ludlow Massacre, documentary excerpt; – “Ludlow Massacre” – Woody Guthrie – Dick Gaughan – ;Rennie Cushing, SB66, HB116 personhood, retained and unretained; – “Mothers, Daughters, Wives” – Judy Small -; – “The San Patricios” – The Chieftans & Ry Cooder -; Paula Hodges from America Votes, SB3 voting rights bill, survival of same day registration, registration complexity, photo ID/domicile complicated affadavit, roles of local election authorities, digital poll book bill.

State House Watch May 22, 2017

Arnie Alpert and Maggie Fogarty of the New Hampshire American Friends Service Committee broadcast this week from a studio at WSCA in Portsmouth, NH, where they have guests discussing the impact of the American arms trade on Mexico.


State House budget update, Ways and Means Committee, Finance Committee, June 1 crossover deadline, process of wrapping up this year’s legislative session; Fisher and Frost; SB3, non-voting rights; – “The Gringo’s Tale” – Steve Earle – ; “Where the Guns Go”; John Lindsay-Poland of AFSC, San Francisco, impact of U.S. policies, drug war, Merida initiative, arms traffic; Maria Herrera Magdaleno, uses of imported arms, narco government, disappeared children and others, no security for children in everyday life; Carlos Perez Ricart, global capitalization and manufacture of arms, special role of export from U.S. factories; -“Solo Pidio a Dios” – Mercedes Sosa – ; John Lindsay-Poland, end-use controls, journalists in danger, U.S. border states, local N.H. workers in arms factories, Leahy law; ending announcements, SB3, immigration.

State House Watch May 15, 2017

Arnie Alpert and Maggie Fogarty of the American Friends Service Committee-New Hampshire welcome guests Kate Frey of New Futures, and Ken Norton of NAMI-NH for a discussion of substance abuse and mental health issues as the State Legislature continues work on the State budget and other bills.

Voting rights SB3; Domicile; SB247 lead poisoning, prevention, fiscal notes; SB94 affordable housing; Fisher/Frost; Immigration, “Building a Culture of Peace forum”; – Pastures of Plenty – Dave Van Ronk – ; May 8 New Futures press conference excerpt; Kate Frey, New Futures, Drug induced deaths, youth alcohol use, treatment funding; Economic report, costs of the crisis; Medicaid, parity; Treatment infrastructure; Ken Norton, NAMI-NH (; Mental illness; Treatment infrastructure capacity; Wait list; Many wrongs; Inpatient and outpatient long wait times; State non-compliance; Kate: Prevention and recovery outcomes; SB191 kindergarten;  – Deportee – Ani DeFranco, Ry Cooder – ; Ken: secure psychiatric unit; John Broderick, Senator Morse; HB400 mental health infrastructure enhancements, DCYF; Probable cause 72 hour rule; Kate: Secretary Price listening session; New Futures resource guide on website (; Medicaid funding advocacy.

Willard Uphaus History Special Part 1

On April 3, 2017, The World Fellowship Center and New Hampshire Humanities presented “‘More Than Just Ourselves’: Willard Uphaus, Louis Wyman, and Civil Liberties in the McCarthy Era” at Kennett High School in North Conway, New Hampshire.

The panelists are W. Jeffrey Bolster, UNH,
Clare Chapman, NH Council of Churches, and
Maria Sanders, Plymouth State University.

The moderator is Michael Ferber, UNH.

This is part 1 of 2 parts.

State House Watch – May 8, 2017

Arnie Alpert and Maggie Fogarty of the American Friends Service Committee – New Hampshire catch you up on the latest news from the State House and interview Senator Dan Feltes, Ways & Means; Finance; Energy & Natural Resources.

Immigration; Kindergarten; Lead poisoning; House Finance; SB3 election law; Senate Finance – budget hearings; HB 400 mental health; Rep. Fisher; Rep. Debra Altschiller on “rape culture”, Legislative Handbook; – “Proud” – Heather Small – ; Opiod/alcohol addiction, ACA – Jessica Eskeland; Linda Paquette, New Futures (; Sen. Dan Feltes, (, Senate Finance budget hearings; HB400, mental health continuum of care; Budget, some “wants” are “needs” ; Kindergarten, full adequacy, opportunity gap; SB157, SB158, insurance barriers; SB94, housing vacancy rate; – “Daniel” – Elton John -; SB2, business taxes, retained (for now), top corporate marginal rate vs. the whole taxation load; SB129, clean energy; HB305 internet privacy; HB463 waterborne PFC’s; SHW announcements.